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My wife, Sandy, and I have lived at 18 Hilton Commons Court since May 2005.  We have a very large rock in our front yard which I paid $10 for it.  I did not have the VAH Architecture Review Committee approve the latter landscaping transaction.  So everyones approval will be greatly appreciated as they walk by our home.   I am fully retired after working 50 years in various financial/accounting management positions in the Manufacturing/Research and Development  business areas of the computer industry.  I am readily available to roll up my sleeves to help our Village at Hilton Board of Directors  with maintenance improvement and landscapting projects.  I would like to see the additional planting of flowering trees, flowering shrubs, and flowers in the village common areas.  When vistors drive into our village front entrance I want their reaction to be "This is better than the Augusta Masters Entrance!"

Location: Chapin, SC
Occupation: Gainfully Retired
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Chapin, South Carolina 29036

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